Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems


BCD Fire currently supplies wet chemical fire suppression systems, which are currently required to be installed for the protection of the hood plenum area. Most modern fire suppression systems include a mechanical gas shut-off valve and an electronic micro switch which is supplied with the system. A Plenum is an enclosure that is designed to contain either Exhaust or Supply Air at different pressure levels for removal or delivery.

A pre-engineered fire suppression system is a utility shut down and extinguishing agent distribution system that is designed for protecting the hood, plenum, exhaust duct, grease filters, and cooking appliances from grease fires. Gas and Electricity needs to be shut down when the Fire Suppression system actuates. Depending on local and state codes, supply and exhaust fans or other equipment may also be required to shut down when the Fire Suppression system actuates.

BCD Fire will soon be launching the ILUS Water Mist Kitchen System to the market.